Green Farmers is much more than just a restaurant. It is an innovative and promising concept, focused on veganism, a booming market. With a diverse offering of trendy and sustainable products, Green Farmers attracts an international clientele. In addition, its exclusive recipes and sauces appeal to all palates. The Green Farmers franchise not only offers high profitability and comprehensive support, but also immediate notoriety.

a product with a future

Green Farmers
a concept that appeals

A concept
that pleases

With Green Farmers, flexibility is at the heart of our franchise offering, offering three franchise types to meet different needs.

A modern restaurant like Green Farmers, offering dine-in, take-out and delivery services. With controlled investments, a rapid return on investment and the possibility of becoming a Master or Multi Franchise, it is a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Restaurant: dine-in / takeaway / delivery

Modern, trendy and attractive concept

Controlled investments

Fast return on investment

Complete support

Exclusive zone

Master or Multi Franchise possibility

Suitable for existing hotels and restaurants, this solution requires minimal investment, rapid implementation and offers strong marketing support, using delivery platforms and the Green Farmers website.

Optimize your existing point of sale

Suitable for existing Dark Kitchens & restaurants

Minimal investments

Express setup

No work to be done

Adapted reduced map

Strong marketing support

Use of delivery platforms + Green Farmers Site

A mobile restaurant with a Food Trailer with attractive design and complete equipment. Suitable for travelers and events, this option offers great flexibility while allowing savings on rent and charges.

Complete and tailor-made solution

Full equipment

Identifiable and attractive design

Suitable for Travelers / Events and trade fairs

Delivery platforms possible if fixed location

Adapted reduced menus

Savings on rent and charges

Great flexibilitys