From dawn to starry nights, we create unique moments of conviviality, marked by simplicity and delights. Our art lies in crafting personalized buffets, passionately celebrating vegan cuisine with indulgence. Challenge us, our chefs are here to make your wildest wishes come true! Whether it's for a warm gathering or an evening under the stars, simple yet delicious dishes await you. Our team adapts to your budget and does everything possible to fulfill your desires.

Transform your events with a vegan feast!

Offer an unforgettable culinary experience to your teams with our delicious and varied vegan menus. From the “Street Box” to the signature platter, find a complete range of dishes for all your budgets.

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The green corner that makes a difference!

The “Food Market” atmosphere comes to your home with our themed and lively counters! From mini-burgers to dishes from five continents, offer your guests a delicious and friendly experience.

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A green buffet, a guaranteed success!

A refined and abundant vegan buffet that will delight your guests. For elegant and eco-friendly receptions, choose the Green Buffet.

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The food truck that keeps rolling for you!

Our vegan food truck comes to you to offer you delicious and balanced meals. Ideal for outdoor events, with freshly cooked meals.

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Our four offers are designed to be complementary and can be ordered individually or combined to suit your needs. Whether you need a food truck along with one or two Green Corners, or a buffet and catering service, we can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. By mixing two or three offers, you can create a unique and personalized culinary experience for your events.

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